Who’s Behind CityPastry ?

Jan 3rd

We are a small family owned business, we pride our self in having a strong commitment with  excellent customer service and we try to help at every step of the customers order from the moment they get to our site until they receive the order on their front door.

Business Concept

The business concept was born while one of our founders worked as a customer service representative at a local New york bakery, he soon realized that local family owned bakeries struggled to deal with the most of the technical part of receiving an order electronically or over the phone and then taking care of deliveries, making most of them not offer deliveries, not have a working website, or they don’t offer same day delivery; and i don’t blame them, it is a confusing process.

So it was kind of a bummer that we as customers and sweet lovers didn’t have a way of ordering home made style sweets from home or getting it maybe for a colleague on their birthday to surprise them at work that same day.

So one day he got together with a few friends and family members and decided to start city pastry. where we team up with local family owned bakeries; no factory made cakes here !!

We take the order over the phone and online and then deliver straight to our clients door. We do all of this so our baker friends can concentrate in what they do best :

Making Delicious Cakes for our Customers “

Ordering Process for Clients

And how does the ordering process work on citypastry.com for clients while ordering a cake in New York City, well then just check out our neat intro:

And guess what? Our cakes are priced below all our competitors rates for the same services, we make money through special discounts for buying in large quantities and since home style bakeries don’t have to worry on large overheads ( No factories or large amount of employees ) this makes our prices awesome.

Partnering with CityPastry.com

>>> Are you a family owned pastry shop, bakery or maybe a single person business dedicated to making cookies, cupcakes or any other delicious sweets ?

>>> Are you located in New York City ?

>>> Do you Wish to be a part of CityPastry.com and have your products hosted on our site and delivered by us?

Well guess what;  it’s totally free to join and no recurrent memberships. Just use our online chat and let our agent know or send us a message through the online chat message center.